GREENFEED Effective Farming Solutions aims at professional farming

GREENFEED has brought an innovative, synchronous solution that is suitable for livestock conditions in Vietnam named The Effective Farming Solutions. This set of solutions was created to help farmers thoroughly enhance farming efficiency and be well prepared for market changes.

Currently, the pig-breeding industry has made great contributions to the success of the country’s agricultural industry. However, the competition is escalating, diseases in livestock is increasingly complicated, small livestock farms are especially vulnerable against the “price storms”. All of the above factors indicate farmers’ needs of synchronous, scientific solutions in livestock production to ensure farming efficiency, profit whilst meeting the changes of the livestock industry in Vietnam and the world.

Over the years, with constant efforts, GREENFEED Vietnam Joint Stock Company (GREENFEED) has brought an innovative, synchronous solution that is suitable for livestock conditions in Vietnam named The Effective Farming Solutions. This set of solutions was created to help farmers thoroughly enhance farming efficiency and be well prepared for market changes.

1. Barn design solution

Barn is one of the important factors that have a great influence on livestock production in general and pig production in particular. It has been proven that a properly built and synchronous barn will help breeders:

  • Operate and control easily and efficiently
  • Save on operating and labor costs
  • Maximize the capacity of the barn
  • Fully meet hygiene and disease safety standards

GREENFEED has cooperated with PIC – one of the world’s leading companies in breed production as well as barn building solutions – to provide customers with the most modern barn model in the world but still suitable for livestock conditions in Vietnam.

With this solution, customers will be consulted by experienced experts of GREENFEED and PIC from choosing a construction site, planning to operate the camp, creating design drawings, constructing and finally operation process consulting. With the above detailed and specific steps, customers will have a modern and most suitable farm with the most optimal cost per pig.

2. Swine genetics solution

Along with barns, swine genetics are among the decisive factors for productivity and efficiency in livestock production. Over the years, GREENFEED has introduced our swine breed with 21 outstanding features along with 3 commercial pig semen with 13 outstanding features based on genetic marker technology from PIC (world leading company in swine genetics). Gene marking technology is considered to be the most advanced technology to help best control genetic factors as well as improve outstanding features by 1-3%/year.

  • Since 2010, GREENFEED has built a modern breeding farm system across the country:
  • GREENFARM ASIA’s breeding farm system, in which the breeding farm in Cu Jut, Dak Nong province has a total investment of 50 million USD, with a scale of 5,000 nuclear, grand-parent pigs built on an area of more than 100 hectares.
  • Swine boar farm in Cam My, Dong Nai province with more than 700 boars with a capacity of 500,000 commercial semen doses/year.
  • Great grandparents, grandparents farm in Hung Yen with more than 600 sows and 100 boars.

According to the results of GREENFEED sows’ performance monitoring in each quarter/year at GREENFEED’s and customers’ farms, the total number of births per litter and the number of surviving births/litters: both gave great results. The above results have demonstrated the superiority of our swine breed and commercial semen in breeding conditions in Vietnam.

3. Nutrition solution

In order to meet the increasing nutritional needs of today’s high-yielding pig breeds, GREENFEED has cooperated with leading nutritionists from the United States, in order to produce animal feed products of the highest quality. One of them is the HiTek product line with technology that integrates advanced nutritional technologies to enhance intestinal health, increase digestibility and absorption of nutrients, thereby reducing feed costs, maximizing genetic characteristics of high-yielding pig lines. At the same time, ensure food hygiene and safety, and fully meet the state’s standards on antibiotic content.

4. Livestock management solution

In addition to technical support services, customers are also advised on breeding models suitable to the actual situation of the farm; the most scientific way to operate, manage livestock in each zone, as well as support the farm to plan the movement of the herd, combine herds appropriately to optimize the capacity of the farm, increase the value of production per unit of barn, aiming to increase productivity and economic efficiency.

5. Biosecurity solution – veterinary

Finally, to ensure the safety of farms in the face of an increasingly complex disease situation, GREENFEED has provided the most effective biosecurity – veterinary solution. GREENFEED will advise on hygiene measures, biosecurity, quarantine processes, adaptation and disease control procedures.

For example, the farm is isolated from the surrounding area by many layers to ensure biosecurity; establish a system of regulations to control biosecurity when staff, visitors and vehicles enter or leave the farm ground; anti-bird system in the production area to help prevent bird-carried diseases.

With a mission of “Building quality and trusted brands that relentlessly innovate and create sustainable values for customers and society”, through the implementation of The Effective Farming Solutions to a wide range of customers and farmers, GREENFEED hopes to help customers improve efficiency in breeding, average yield per sow from 31 to 32 piglets/sow/year, while save on veterinary costs.