“GREENFEED animal feed has stable quality, good carcass quality, lean meat”

Satisfied with GREENFEED animal feed (pig), a Nam Dinh customer has been using the company products and services for a decade and counting.

In order to sustainably develop the livestock industry in accordance with the new situation and local practical conditions in the period 2016-2020, Nam Dinh province formulated a master plan for the development of concentrated livestock production based on the industrial standards.

Accordingly, 139 husbandry areas were formed and concentrated on purely agricultural communes (except communes and townships with craft villages). Each region had 1 to 2 nuclear farms that act as focal points for businesses, produce breeding stock and hold the commission for other farms’ output in the commune. In particular, the concentrated porker farming model was to be develop in Xuan Truong, Hai Hau, Giao Thuy, Nghia Hung and Y Yen districts.

In Nghi Thanh commune, Nghia Hung district, most families’ farm housed 20 or less pigs and there were about 10 concentrated livestock farms. Among them, there was Mr. Nguyen Van Luong’s family’s farm.

On an area of 700 m2, Mr. Luong’s farm raised 30 sows and 250 porkers. To establish this farm, he had invested much efforts in building barns, selecting breeds, livestock feed, bio-security measures and veterinary products.

Mr. Luong has been using GREENFEED’s products and service for the past 10 years. He said: “Although I am relatively experienced in husbandry, but to ensure all activities in the farm are efficiently operated, GREENFEED’s technical consultants regularly visit to support vaccination insemination works; manage and check up for pigs in each growth stage. Moreover, thanks to the quality and stable feed source, the pig herd upon sale point is highly appreciated by traders for the quality of dressed carcass and lean meat.”

Waste treatment bio-gas system in Mr. Luong’s farm contributes to the protection of pig health, disease prevention and environmental protection for the farm

GREENFEED feed is developed to deliver the appropriate nutrition required for each growth stage of the livestock

GREENFEED feed for weaning pigs up to 8kg

One of GREENFEED feed product features is low feed conversion ratio (FCR)