Clean, safe, traceable 3F Plus integrated food chain from GREENFEED

Started out with animal feed industry, GREENFEED is among the few businesses that invest methodically and stringently in the establishment of the 3F Plus (Feed – Farm – Food) food chain: from feed to breed, slaughtering, processing and distribution – to ensure our products are not only clean, traceable but also meet safety standards.

1. Clean food from clean feed

To ensure livestock can consume feed that are clean, safe, with no banned substances per Department of Livestock Husbandry regulations, optimally nutritious with formular tailored for each livestock growth stage, GREENFEED has implemented strict suppliers sourcing process to obtain ingredients that meet global standards. Additionally, our production line and quality control of materials and outputs process are built to meet ISO 22000, HACCP and GLOBAL G.A.P standards. In our production activities, GREENFEED has invested in US and UK imported machineries and technologies, in correspondence with streamlined data from input ingredients, compound calculation, production and outputs control, to supply the market with feed products that stay true to the initial design of nutrition and quality at an optimal production cost and affordable price for farmers. The archive system that stores samples of ingredients, output products, in combination with the intelligent production system allow GREENFEED to trace a product origin back to production batch with details including supplier information, origin and ingredient quality.

2. Efficient, sustainable farm model with exclusive breeds that ensures quality of commercial meat

GREENFEED’s effective and sustainable farming model is built on the international standards of PIC – the world’s leading of genetic technology, with automation, technology application to reduce operation cost, ensure optimal livestock development and ensure high productivity. GREENFEED has established Nucleus – Great-grandparent Breed Center in Cu Jut, Dak Nong with regionally acclaimed standards with initial investment of 50 million USD. The farm operation system is built based on European standards, with biosecurity certification from Department of Animal Health, VietGAP and Pig Trak traceability. The partnership with PIC – a global leading company in gene marking technology has provided GREENFEED with preeminent breeds, ensuring high productivity and quality of commercial meat: breed potentials reaching 30 – 31 weaned piglets/ sow/ year, 21 yearly improved traits, carcass rate higher than 74% etc., supple and succulent meat cut.

Breed Center in Cu Jut, Dak Nong

Breed Center in Cu Jut, Dak Nong, with the herd size of 5,000 swines and an initial investment of 50 million USD.

Besides modern breeding farm systems, GREENFEED also operates a livestock farm with an initial investment of over 30 million USD. At the farms, innovative husbandry technologies are applied, with strict regulations for usage of chemicals in preventive and treatment activities, as well as non-chemicals time span before time of slaughter. These factors have allowed GREENFEED to supply the market with over 50,000 swine breeds, hundred thousand of commercial semen doses and approximately 350,000 safe porkers for consumers. Not stopping at outstanding efficiency, GREENFEED farming model also ensures the sustainability aspect with the technology application, especially waste disposal technology from the international standardized farming. In addition, the company also strives to promote initiatives and activities for the community living around the farm, disadvantaged groups and the community.

3. Safe food for the health of our consumers

To ensure consumers can enjoy safe, clean products, specifically fresh pork, and processed food, GREENFEED has established a dual-function facility that comprises an abattoir and a manufacturing line – DnF, that applies German and Dutch technologies in operation, adheres to Animal Rights and Food Safety Protocols of HACCP, GMP. With pork that comes from our own commercial porker farms, GREENFEED is actively in control of product quality, safety and inputs traceability for DnF abattoir. G Kitchen, MAMACHOICE, Wyn are food brands under GREENFEED that assist the mission to bring safe, tasty values to millions of Vietnamese family meals.