“Raising GREENFEED swine breed, the number of weaners increases year by year”

Vinh Phuc farm owners favor GREENFEED preeminent, quality and productive swine breed.

According to Vinh Phuc Agriculture Department statistics, by the end of 2017, the province’s total pig herd reached over 600,000 heads and it was estimated that the whole province had more than 1,000 livestock farms.

With the province’s policy to support the husbandry industry, many households begun to apply scientific and technical advances to livestock production to improve the quality of product output, contributing to making livestock an important field both in terms of growth rate and share of production value in the province’s agriculture value.

Mr. Tu (Vinh Phuc province) shared: more than 2 years ago, he mainly raise hens as a main source of income. After that, as the market demand and price changed, became unstable, he decided to switch to raising pig to have a better economic value to support his family. With an area of ​​6 acres, he invested in building a pig farm with a scale of 30 sows and 200 porkers. Being an experienced livestock farmer, along with the province’s support policy for breeders and the enthusiastic professional advice from the technical team, he chose GF24 (Camborough®48) swine breed as the base breeding stock of the farm. After a period of raising and monitoring, he found that the percentage of weaning pigs increased gradually each year. Specifically, in the first year of importing pigs, the number of weaned pigs he collected was 24 piglets/sow/year. By the 4th year (2017), he recorded an improvement in the number of weaned pigs reaching 28 piglets/sow/year.

Beside high weaned pigs rate, Mr. Tu utilized both gilt breed and semen from GREENFEED to produce a generation of pigs with desired appearance and inherited outstanding features from their parents. Each year, he harvested 2 litters of weaned pigs/sow, on average, monthly he sold 70 to 100 GREENFEED breeding pigs to households in the area.

As for the porkers, he sold 50 to 70 porkers on average monthly. Recording the price in the period from October to now, the highest price that traders buy from his farm is 55,000 VND/kg, 1 – 1.5 higher than the market price. This difference was due to after many purchases from his farm, the traders have assessed the quality of meat to have widely-favored color, lean, low fat, especially the ratio of carcasss was higher than other pig breeds from other farms. Therefore, both traders and breeders benefited, and both sides built a reputable business relationship.

GREENFEED animal feed products contributed to the economic efficiency of Mr. Tu’s farm

In order to meet the demand for pork consumption on the occasion of Tet, Mr. Tu increased the import of GF24 (Camborough®48) swine breed to increase the herd size and the number of breeding stock distributed to areas outside the province

Similarly, Ms. Toi (Ngu Kien commune), who was also an experienced pig farmer, operated a farm housing 38 sows and 250 porkers. At that time, pig prices in the North were quite stable and and farmers were able to make good profits. Ms. Toi shared that she had just sold 60 porkers at the price of 53,000 VND/kg, the average weight at the time of slaughter was 115 kg/porker. It is estimated that her profit from this litter was about 2 million VND/porker.

From the productivity and efficiency of husbandry she achieved, Ms. Toi assessed GREENFEED animal feed had stable quality and contributed to the steady and healthy growth of the pig herd