GREENFEED animal feed: classified and optimized pig feed for each growth stage – piglet, porker and swine

GREENFEED provide customers with quality animal feed, full of nutrients at a reasonable price point.

At GREENFEED, we are proud to have an extensive knowledge base about nutritional requirements for each stage of growth of pigs, from piglets to porkers and sows. On this basis, the combination of food rations for each subject; the nutritional composition of the ingredients is updated in a timely manner; the application of advanced ration combination software help GREENFEED provide customers with quality bran products, full of nutrients at a reasonable price point.

Features of piglet feed

The highest priority in formulating piglets diet is to prevent diarrhea, reduce weaning periods, maintain good health and enhance their appearance: shiny ruddy skin. Therefore, GREENFEED feed products for piglets have similar characteristics to sow’s milk, with high lactose content, using plasma protein and supplementing with organic acids to increase intestine health, increasing the ability to digest and absorb nutrients from food. Piglets can eat feed completely after weaning.

HiGain piglet feed

Features of porker feed

The common goal of pig breeders as they raise porker is how to make the pigs gain weight quickly, create lean meat, minimize fat and produce healthy and beautiful meat color. To achieve this, GREENFEED focuses on using minerals and vitamins of natural origin with balanced content in each line of GREENFEED, HiGain and HiTek porker bran. In addition, the porker stage includes many different ages, so the feed for each age group has an optimal balance between energy and amino acids, meeting just enough development needs, avoiding excess. Excess waste causes food waste and environmental pollution.

HiTek porker feed

Large-scale livestock farms prefers HiTek bran to stabilize the farm productivity

Features of sow feed

The goal of the sow-raising stage is to make sure the sow does not contract constipation, maintain good health and reproductive performance, the sow produces piglets with reasonable birth weight to ensure their survival rate. Post-partum sows will produce a lot of milk and will not have problems in the reproduction process as well as quickly return to oestrus after weaning. Nutrition during this period is extremely important for the future development of the farm. GREENFEED’s bran products for pregnant sows and nursing sows apply a number of advanced nutritional technologies, especially YUCCA extract to increase piglet survival rate, Biotine supplementation, and soluble fiber used in neutral medium, organic chromium, balanced essential amino acids and organic minerals.

HiTek sow feed

Nutrition is an important factor, holding the 3rd position in GREENFEED Effective Farming Solutions, including: Design and construction consultancy of barn; Breeds; Nutrition; Livestock Management and Biosecurity & Veterinary. Applying this whole set of solutions will help customers significantly improve livestock efficiency and create high competitive value.