Enhance farming efficiency with GREENFEED aqua feed

Red tilapia farmers in An Giang area favor GREENFEED aqua feed that helps raise farming efficiency, ensure livestock health via the nutrition formula studied and developed by leading experts.

An Giang is a province with advantages in waterways, convenient for circulation, transporting goods and especially developing aquaculture. Therefore, people living in the Hau riverside area soon exploited and effectively used the water surface area to develop red tilapia farming in cages, which was favored by the market and had strong consumption capacities in supermarkets, large and small traditional markets inside and outside of the province. At the same time, this profession also creates an additional source of aquatic products with high economic value, contributing to increasing incomes, improving living standards, and developing local socioeconomic.

Mr. Chau (Long Xuyen), owner of 9 rafts (8 x 13m/raft) and 6 cages (5 x 12m/cage) raising red tilapia, said in the past few months, traders came to buy red tilapia at his farm quite often with stable prices. At times, traders came to the raft to buy fish for 40,000 VND/kg, the average weight of each fish was 550-600 grams. After deducting all costs of breed, feed, veterinary, etc. the profit gained from raising fish in cages help Mr. Chau improve his family’s living condition.

According to Mr. Thanh – an owner of livestock feed distribution agency in Long Xuyen city, in order to efficiently farm red tilapia in cages, farmers need to pay attention to health care and nutrition so that the fish have a fast growth rate and high meat quality, which is sought after on the market. In order to achive said quality, Mr. Thanh used GREENFEED aqua feed for his farm, whilst recommending the products to customers coming in his store. GREENFEED aqua feed has a low feed conversion ratio, assisting in raising farming efficiency, ensuring livestock health via the nutrition formula studied and developed by leading experts. Mr. Thanh owns 6 farming rafts (6 x 12m/raft) and with a farming period from 4.5 to 5.5 months/ season, his farm supplies nearly 250 tons of red tilapia per year to the market.