GREENFEED clean feed helps elevate Thai Nguyen hill chicken brand

Thai Nguyen chicken farmer favors GREEFEED clean feed for poultry, with traceable origin and optimized nutrition formula based on chicken growth stage, in order to optimize their farming efficiency.

Mr. Duc (Non Tranh hamlet, Tan Thanh commune) was overjoyed when he heard that Phu Binh hill chicken had been registered for intellectual property protection. Sticking with the local chicken breed for more than 7 years, he said that the typical terrain of Phu Binh district is low hilly land, hilly terrain, favorable for natural chicken grazing, combined with a closed care process, therefore the chicken here gives firm, fragrant meat, eggs have a high percentage of yolk. To successfully raise Phu Binh hill chickens, breeders must first have a large grazing area, at least 1 hectare or more, and building a coop is simply for chickens to gather and sleep at night.

His farm was raising 6,500 local breed chickens on a land of 1.5 hectares, the preliminary investment cost for this model was about 300 million VND

Mr. Duc used poultry feed products from GREENFEED company and was satisfied with the effects shown on his chicken flock

In order to avoid the reduction of chickens’ productivity due to poor quality feed as was the past case in Mr. Duc’s farm, he shared his experiences with farmers who need to choose poultry feed, encouraged them to pick products of clear origin, meet the appropriate nutritional content for each growth stage of chickens. At the same time, it is necessary to find out the reputation of the feed manufacturing company in the market before making a decision.

With the existing brand reputation, Phu Binh hill chicken breeders needed to focus on promoting the quality of output products and meet the market demand.

In terms of appearance, the chickens looked healthy and flexible, with shiny feathers, yellow skin, yellow legs, thick breast. Secondly, the flock’s growth rate was uniform and the feed conversion ratio (FCR) of GREENFEED bran was quite effective.

He had just sold 2 batches of chickens, the first batch was 1,500 chickens for 88,000 VND/kg, the average weight was 2.36 kg/chicken. The second batch, the trader paid him 83,000 VND/kg per herd of 2,000 chickens, the average weight was 2.16 kg/chicken.

In addition to providing quality poultry feed, GREENFEED’s customer service is also highly appreciated by many farm owners for their expertise, enthusiastic attitude and quick support in the event of pandemic occurrences

Mr. and Mrs. Yen-Quyet (Tan Thanh commune), who were raising 4,000 local gamecock on a 1.5-hectare hilly land, shared about their livestock farming experience: when the chicks first come to the farm, they need to be reared separately and be fed a nutritious bran diet to support digestion and enhance immunity system. When they reach 21-day old, breeders can release the chickens to the natural hill environment outside. In the process of raising, breeders need to ensure their flock is fully vaccinated and barns are regularly cleaned to prevent diseases.

Gamecock breed with tasty meat quality was widely popular on the market

Since switching to GREENFEED poultry feed, they had sold 4 batches of about 7,000 chickens, with the average price per kg from 54,000 to 55,000 VND, the average weight ranged from 2.65 to 2.7 kg/chicken, with average feed conversion ratio (FCR) around 2.8 – 3.0. The net profit earned from the for 4 batches of chicken sales reached nearly 280 million dong.

The effectiveness of GREENFEED poultry feed was shown by the weight of chickens in the flock

The efficiency gained from the model of raising chickens on the hill in Phu Binh had improved the economic conditions of many households and contributed to enhancing the brand value of local quality products. Now, referring to Phu Binh, Thai Nguyen, people here often proudly say to each other that “It’s well-known for Thai tea, Tuyen girl to attract tourists from near and far, now our local chicken products are bring fame our hometown Phu Binh”.