GREENFEED supported Thua Thien – Hue livestock farms in finding viable outlets

GREENFEED has built a wide network of traders in the provinces of Thua Thien – Hue, Da Nang, Binh Dinh, Quang Binh…in order to provide viable outlets for farmers in the area.

In order to help customers overcome the challenges of output after the breeding time, GREENFEED Binh Dinh Executive Board was quick to devised a support plan for farmers: connecting farmers with traders.

Results from the negotiations of GREENFEED Binh Dinh sales team

While observing customer farm’s activities, GREENFEED team selected reputable traders, who regularly purchase pigs in large quantities and negotiate with them. Specifically, the trader, in collaboration with a slaughterhouse, conducted a 10 to 15-day survey of GREENFEED porkers. The meat distributed to the market had received positive feedback from end users.

This had helped lift the concerns such as price bargaining, devaluation from GREENFEED pig farmers’ mind. When pigs reach the age of slaughter, traders come to the farm to buy directly at a higher price than the market. Farmers only need to focus on promoting livestock production to maintain stable product quality.

For traders and small-scale businesses, in addition to the profits earned from the distribution of high-quality pork, whose origin is guaranteed; the other greater value they receive in return is the credibility in business, mutual trust, and building long-term cooperative relationships.

In addition, the GREENFEED porkers that are released for slaughter when they reach 92 to 97 kg in weight will give high quality meat with a high dressed carcass weight, low fat and lard, lean, beautiful red meat… When traders are satisfied with the stable quality of products, farmers also obtain a higher economic efficiency than when raising other pig breeds on the market.

Our customers

In 2015, Mr. Vu (Nam Dong district) imported 60 GREENFEED gilts to raise for the first time. After 3 years, he assessed that the GREENFEED sow has a lower culling rate than other breeds, a high reproductive rate, and an average weaning yield of 22 heads/sow/year. In addition to the number of sows for breeding, Mr. Vu’s farm also had 500 porkers born of GREENFEED sows and pig semen.

GREENFEED sow breed

Barn area of pregnant sows

When Mr. Vu’s porker herd reached their slaughter point, GREENFEED staff monitored market demand and introduced traders to buy 25 pigs (equivalent to 1 barn of porker) from Mr. Vu, the average weight of each pig reached 95kg, with the price of 49,000 VND/kg.

Overview of Mr. Vu’s farm

Similarly, in a 2-hectare farm of Mr. Thuong, who had been a GREENFEED customer for over a decade, he raised 200 GREENFEED porkers. Besides the good assessment of the product quality, what made him always feel satisfied and confident in his livestock profession was the quality of GREENFEED customer service. Through GREENFEED’s introduction, on November 26 & 27, he sold 3 batches of pigs to traders, totaling 190 pigs, the average weight ranged from 92 to 97 kg, with the price of 49,000 VND/kg. After the sale, he prepared to import 250 breeding stock more to the farm.

Mr. Thuong was happy with the revenue obtained after selling the pigs

At the time when traders visited and bought from Mr. Vu’s and Mr. Thuong’s farm, they offered a price that was higher (49.000 dong/ kg) than the market average (46.000 dong/ kg). Traders commented that pigs from GREENFEED’s customers’ farms had a high dressed carcass weight, the percentage of carcass obtained was much higher than that of other breeds, small bones, rich meat, beautiful colors… In general, demand for such quality meat on the market was high and stable.
It can be said that the economic efficiency achieved by farmers in Thua Thien – Hue province had been recognized by the dedication of GREENFEED staff – Binh Dinh branch in their efforts to support customers in raising livestock effectively, build and develop a network of reputable traders, organize numerous survey sessions, realistically evaluate the difference in quality of breeding porkers from GREENFEED and other breeds, etc. All these were aimed at realizing GREENFEED’s mission: help customers improve 30% breeding efficiency.
GREENFEED has built a wide network of traders in the provinces of Thua Thien – Hue, Da Nang, Binh Dinh, Quang Binh…