GREENFEED fingerlings – grow on superior, productive breeds

GREENFEED strives to help rebuild the aquaculture economics via supplying high quality fingerlings that are researched and developed by leading experts.

As we aim to create higher values for our customers, GREENFEED has established Center of Aquacultural Breeds Research and Production with main activities such as: researching and improving aqua feed, producing high quality aquacultural breeds, building highly efficient and productive farming models, technical training for GREENFEED customer service staff, etc. Which helps aquatic farms reduce costs, increase productivity and obtain high economic turn-over.

Currently, GREENFEED Center of Aquacultural Breeds Research and Production operates 2 branches with distinct functions:

GREENFEED Aquacultural Reserch Center (Tay Ninh province):

  • Research on the improvement of aqua feed quality and pricing
  • Research on enhancement of popular breeds in Vietnam
  • Research on breeds production and farming models of new aquacultural breeds, which yield high economic values & suitable for industrial feeds
  • Research on disease prevention and treatment for aquatic livestocks.
  • Technical training for customer service staff. Collaborate with universities specilize in Aquacultural to hold internship and research programs.

GREENFEED Aquatic Breeds Production Farm (Long An province)

GREENFEED parent pangasius breeds are meticulously selected and supplied with optimal nutrition during breeding process, thus our fingerlings are highly regarded and favored by customers through many years.

Currently, with 3,000 parent pangasius as breeders, GREENFEED is capable of producing up to 1.5 billions pangasius fingerlings each year. GREENFEED pangasius fingerlings contribute to the improvement of the export production chain through:

  • Increase productivity and economic values to breeding and commercial farms
  • Increase fillet ratio

Besides pangasius fingerlings, GREENFEED also produces and supplies the market with snakehead breeds. With 6,000 parent snakeheads as breeders, GREENFEED is capable of producing up to 12 millions snakehead fingerlings each year.

GREENFEED fingerlings are also exported cross-border to other countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia, etc.