GREENFEED Cattle Feed – Grow on safe, clean goodness

GREENFEED poultry feed is developed by leading experts, optimized for each growth stage of livestock, produced with safe ingredients with no banned substances, with traceable origins

GREENFEED cattle feed for dairy cows and beef cattle

GREENFEED always focuses on investing and applying advanced technologies to provide clean, high-quality animal feed products, optimizing productivity and profits for farm owners. In addition, the Company actively cooperates with leading domestic and foreign animal nutrition experts to research and develop new product lines to continuously meet the needs of farm owners. Notably, the launch of a mixed feed product line for Dairy and Beef cattle of GREENFEED is well received by farm owners.

GREENFEED’s dairy and beef product lines are thoroughly researched and manufactured by a team of nutritionists and technical staffs:

  • Well-adjusted to actual livestock conditions in Vietnam (breeding, barn conditions, weather and climate, forage)
  • Carefully selected incorporated ingredients
  • Produced by modern feed production equipment lines, imported from Europe

During the research process, the products all go through reality testing, daily monitoring to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness. Nutritional rations are developed and adjusted based on the following criteria:

  1. Ensure uniformity and stability of product quality
  2. Ensure the palatability, appetite and improve the digestive ability of Cows
  3. Help regulate the amount of acid as well as pH balance in the animal stomach, ensuring the activity of the rumen microflora. Therefore, it helps improve digestion, immune system as well as reducing the lack of nutrients, preventing joint, toenail problems and limit metabolism disorders such as milk fever, mastitis…
  4. Increase milk production and prolong lactation
  5. Improve and stabilize milk quality
  6. Maintain cow’s body condition, ensure fertility and milk yield for the next litter
  7. Ensure clean, safe milk quality from zero antibiotics
  8. Reduce costs and improve profits for farm owners