GREENFEED Pig Feed – Grow on safe, clean goodness

GREENFEED pig feed is developed by leading experts, optimized for each growth stage of livestock, produced with safe ingredients with no banned substances, with traceable origins

GREENFEED pig feed – optimize specifically for farming efficiency & profitability

Understanding the nutritional requirements for each growth stage of pigs, GREENFEED has developed product lines with individual optimizations for piglets, porkers and sows. On this basis, the diets are built to meet specifical needs of animal with clean and tracable materials, helps GREENFEED provide high quality barn products for cost efficiency and high farming productivity.

Piglet feed features

Raising pigs during piglet stage brings focus to good health, diarrhea prevention, short creep feeding, lustrous skin. Therefore, GREENFEED piglet feed has many attributes that are similar to sow milk, with high lactose level, plasma-derived protein and added organic acid for better gut health, enhanced digestion and nutrients absorption. Piglet can feed completely on bran after weaning.

Porker feed features

The common goal of farmer during the period of raising pigs for meat is to maintain the herd health, whilst boost the porker weight gain, form high quality meat instead of fat. To achieve this, GREENFEED prioritizes the balanced use of natural minerals and vitamins in our porker feed lines: GREENFEED, HiGain and HiTek. Additionally, raising porker includes a multitude of growth stages, thus the feed formula for each stage needs to be optimized between energy and acid amin as to provide livestock with sufficient nutrition for growth, avoid wastage and pollution.

Sow feed features

The goal of the sow-raising stage is to make sure the sow does not contract constipation, maintain good health and reproductive performance, the sow produces piglets with reasonable birth weight to ensure their survival rate. Post-partum sows will produce a lot of milk and will not have problems in the reproduction process as well as quickly return to oestrus after weaning. Nutrition during this period is extremely important for the future development of the farm. GREENFEED’s bran products for pregnant sows and nursing sows apply a number of advanced nutritional technologies, especially YUCCA extract to increase piglet survival rate, Biotine supplementation, and soluble fiber used in neutral medium, organic chromium, balanced essential amino acids and organic minerals.

6 Nutritional Technologies for livestock efficiency

Aiming to ensure the health of animals, end-users and environmental friendliness, GREENFEED’s animal feed lines (GreenFeed, HiGain and HiTek) are all applied with modern nutritional technologies. Specifically, 6 Nutritional Technologies in GREENFEED barn products focus on using natural ingredients derived from herbs and beneficial microorganisms to replace antibiotics, increase nutritional value, have antioxidant effects; thereby ensuring animal health and optimizing livestock efficiency for farmers.

  1. Live yeast usage technology to improve intestinal microflora, increase animal’s digestibility
  2. Omega 3 fatty acid technology improves the number of newborn piglets per litter, increases lactation in sows
  3. Yucca extract usage technology increases the survival rate of piglets and nutrient absorption…
  4. Electrolyte balancing technology reduces mastitis syndrome, metritis, milk loss in sows
  5. Organic Chromium technology enhances immunity for piglets
  6. Digestive fiber technology maintains intestinal health, increases digestibility and nutrient absorption

In addition to nutritional factors, GREENFEED develops the Efficient Farming Solutions that are designed and localized for livestock conditions in Vietnam. The set of solutions aims to help farm owners optimize productivity, efficiency, and achieve sustainable success in livestock production.

  • Barn design and construction consulting solution
  • Breed solution
  • Livestock nutrition solution
  • Farming management solution
  • Biosecurity solutions – Veterinary medicine solution
  • Supply Chain solution