GREENFEED joins hands towards success through the epidemic!

GREENFEED has completed the first half of 2021 with achieved targets across all industries, even when production and business activities are being heavily affected by Covid-19 and market fluctuations.

The first 6 months of the year recorded many changes and difficulties, but also recorded the corresponding EFFORTS, COMMITMENT and PERSEVERANCE of GREENFEED staff in all industries. The spirit of interdisciplinary and inter-departmental synergy is further promoted to maintain and protect production and business, to seize opportunities in difficulties, to expand markets and still not forget the obligation to support community.

Closing the first half of the year with many efforts and achievements, GREENFEED enters the second half of 2021 with clear orientations, priorities and plans to achieve targets.

Always put human as the most important resource, besides policies and programs to support staff during the epidemic season, GREENFEED is continuing to make efforts towards the target of 100% qualified employees are vaccinated.

Let’s work together to overcome the difficulties of the epidemic and look forward to a 2021 with many achievements!