Covid-19 relief support: results from united efforts

GREENFEED has quickly mobilized our resources to carry out relief support activities, alongside with the Government, via the delivery of safe and tasty food to the community.

In the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, none shall be neglected nor left to their own devices. Success against such event can only be obtained via the united efforts of community, professional workers and the establishment of a vaccine reserve for the community.

Standing firm against the fourth outbreak

In response to complicated developments of the 4th outbreak of Covid-19, Vietnam has been maintaining the spirit of “fighting against the epidemic like fighting against the enemy”, combining rationally, harmoniously and effectively between epidemic prevention and fighting. In which, vaccine is considered as one of the decisive strategic factors. According to the Ministry of Health, in order to successfully control the epidemic and reopen the economy, Vietnam needs to quickly vaccinate people to achieve the rate of community immunity. Therefore, the Fund for Covid-19 Vaccines has been established by the Government to support and finance the purchase and import of vaccines, domestic research and production of vaccines, aims to vaccinate Covid-19 vaccine in the most and the fastest manner for people. On June 5 in Hanoi, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh spoke at the Launching Ceremony of the Fund for Covid-19 Vaccines: “The Fund for Covid-19 Vaccines is established with the mission of mobilizing all resources and social contributions to share with the State budget for purchasing and importing vaccines, researching and producing domestic vaccines and vaccinating Covid-19 vaccines for people in the principle of voluntary contribution, open and transparent operation and in accordance with the law and creating most favorable conditions for contributions”.

GREENFEED participates in anti-Covid measurements

In the face of hardships caused by the pandemic, GREENFEED Vietnam Joint Stock Company (GREENFEED) has quickly mobilized our resources to carry out relief support activities, alongside with the Government, via the delivery of safe and tasty food to the community. At the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund Program announcement ceremony on 5th June 2021, GREENFEED pledged to donate 20 billion dong to the Program in an effort to bolster the vaccination program for the mass.

Mr. Dao Le Vu – General Director of FARM division in North-Middle regions (left), represented GREENFEED Vietnam to donate 20 billion dong to the the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund Program.

Through this donation, GREENFEED, with our 18-year strong experiences in developing a fully integrated clean food chain Feed – Farm – Food, wishes to contribute to accelerating the process of community immunity so that people can soon overcome the epidemic safely, at the same time spread the spirit of Humanity – one of our five core values ​​that GREENFEED has pursued since our establishment. Mr. Dao Le Vu said, as soon as the epidemic broke out again, GREENFEED also restarted the program to donate thousands of safe, tasty meals from G Kitchen’s clean products to frontline forces and those who are in need with the hope of keeping the community healthy and strong during this challenging time. More than 7,000 products were given to medical establishments such as National Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Cu Chi District Hospital, Cu Chi Field Hospital. 

More than 7,000 products were delivered to frontline medical establishments with the hope of bringing safe, tasty meals to medical staff and volunteers.

Additionally, during the this complicated epidemic period, GREENFEED continues to periodically donate food to orphanages to improve meals and enhance health for children in series of Meals of Smiles program – with the goal of giving 1 million safe, tasty meals to those in need in 2021. We also offer promotions, discounts of 20% to consumers when buying G Kitchen pork products from our distribution channels so that everyone can enjoy safe and tasty products even during this social distancing period. In the context when Covid-19 epidemic is showing no sign of ending, GREENFEED will continue to donate clean – safe products, bringing Meals of Smiles to support the front-line forces in an effort of relief support. 

At the same time, we commit to implementing policies and programs along with the Party, the State and the community to fight against the epidemic, bringing a good life to everyone and uphold the compassionate value that GREENFEED is always aiming for.