GREENFEED swine breed – Grow on superior, productive breeds

The superior GREENFEED swine breed is a result of the partnership between GREENFEED and PIC, offering high productivity: 31 – 32 weaned piglets/ sow/ year (data from GREENFEED breeding farm).

GREENFEED partners with Pig Improvement Company (PIC) – global leading breed company, to continuously research and develop the preeminent swine breeds. To ensure each swine delivered to our customer’s farm is the most perfected individual, GREENFEED has invested in breeding farm with genetics tracing back to nucleus, great-grandparent and parent generation to supply the market with 50,000 gilts/ year.

With our strengths in gene marking technologies and global livestock reproductive genetics database PICtraq, GREENFEED’s GF24 (Camborough®48) pig breed is continuously enhanced by 1% to 3% per year, contributing to improving livestock productivity, potentially reaching 31 – 32 weaners/ sow/ year. Each gilt carries 21 genetic traits that are ceaselessly enhanced, including:

Growth and development traits in gilt:

  1. Number of piglets per litter
  2. Sow mortality rate
  3. Feet structure
  4. Number of teats
  5. Time span between weaning – return
  6. Behavior
  7. Amount of feed consumed
  8. Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)

Growth and development traits in piglet:

  1. Stillborn rate
  2. Survival rate of newborns
  3. Newborn weight
  4. Survival rate before weaning
  5. Survival rate after weaning
  6. Weaner weight
  7. Survival rate at finishing time
  8. Growth rate
  9. Testicular hernia
  10. Missing testicles
  11. Back fat quality
  12. Loin muscle quality
  13. Muscle quality

*Performance is monitored at GREENFEED’s farm