Effective and Sustainable Farming Model

GREENFEED farming model ensures the dualities of EFFICIENCY and SUSTAINABILITY via the standardized inputs of preeminent breeds; modern farming processes for cost optimization; quality commercial outputs with favorable offtake agreements; sustainable waste treatment technologies and community livelihood improvement programs.

Standardized inputs with preeminent breeds

GREENFEED partners with leading livestock genetics companies in to develop preeminent breed sets, bringing forth high husbandry productivity whilst ensuring the quality of the commercial meat output – meat that suits Vietnamese consumer’s taste. GREENFEED exclusively owes GF24 (Camborough®48) gilt breed, a livestock breed from PIC – a global leading company pig genetics. At the same time, GREENFEED also put great emphasis on researching and developing poultry breed solutions (broiler and laying chicken, duck).

GREENFEED standard husbandry processes that optimized operation cost

Built upon the global standard processes from PIC, GREENFEED standard husbandry processes optimize productivity and efficiency, which help save operation costs (electrecity, water, labor) and minimization of human errors, ensure the uniform development and good health of livestock. Innovative technologies and autofarm are applied throughout the farm operation system, allowing optimal performance in production activities:

  • Ventilation system
  • Auto-feeding system
  • IoT management system allowing control of the farm both from inside and out.

High quality commercial outputs with favorable offtake agreement

GREENFEED efficient farming model with preeminent breeds and global standard husbandry processes help ensure optimal growth for livestock, which provide meat that meets Vietnamese consumer’s taste: succulent with excellent texture and supply the market with safe, tasty products. Furthermore, our farm owner and agriculture investor partners can be at ease with our offtake solution from the food brand MAMACHOICE, which provide favorable offtake agreements.

Sustainable waste treatment: green, innovative and eco-friendly

Along with the dualities of efficiency and sustainability in husbandry, GREENFEED farming model puts great emphasis on preserving our environment via a number of modern waste treatment technologies and processes that meet global standards, prioritizing the establishment of buffer zone around the farm, encouraging circulatory agriculture.

Improving the economy and living conditions of the farm’s local community

Striving for sustainability in husbandry and the improvement of living conditions of surrounding communities, GREENFEED commits to prioritize livelihood-improvement programs, hence better connecting with the local community. Via Added Value activities such as producing microbiological/ vermicompost manure products from livestock wastes, cultivating crops in farm buffer zone: local population is provided with seedling, manure and offtake agreement for the crops, henceforth having a sustainable livelihood, ensuring their living standards. Furthermore, our community livelihood improvement programs are prioritized to provide alms to people in need, especially those living in regions where GREENFEED farm operates.