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Warning: African Swine Fever is at the borders of Vietnam

Ngày 09/11/2018

According to Reuters, on October 21st China’s Ministry of Agriculture has stated that the ASF broke out in Van Nam – a province located South West of China, which borders Vietnam (adjacent provinces includes Dien Bien, Lai Chau, Lao Cai, Ha Giang).  

298 in 804 pigs from a local farm in Zhenxiong – a district of Zhaotong, Northeast of Yunnan were confirmed dead due to the flu, another 247 in 353 pigs at another location were also infected and dead. These are the two newest announcements on the epidemic in China, just as the country was moving to a high stage in pig production, preparing for the Lunar New Year time in the beginning of February 2019

Local authorities have called for an emergency to cope with the epidemic, prevent it from spreading, exterminate all the infected pigs, perform sterilization and quarantine infected areas.

11 provinces announced to have seen the outbreak of ASF (as of 21/10/2018)

After 3 months since the announcement of the first infection, China has reported over 40 cases of outbreak in 11 provinces and cities, about 200,000 pigs were exterminated. All the outbreaks happened in Northern and Eastern provinces. “In the Southern and Western provinces, everyone eats pork, no matter how much their incomes are”, a specialist informed.

The outbreak found in the Southwestern region of China might greatly affect the pig consumption market because the pig production and pork consumption is highly concentrated in this region.

African Swine Fever is a highly contagious epidemic among pigs, although it does not affect humans or other animals.

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