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Warning: African Swine Fever has appeared in Sichuan, China

Ngày 07/12/2018

(Beijing, Reuters) – On Friday, November 16th 2018, China’s Ministry of Agriculture made an announcement confirming that the African Swine Fever had broken out at a farm with 40 pigs in Yibin, Southwest of Sichuan.

This is the first outbreak of ASF in Sichuan. As of now, the Chinese Government has made announcements stating that there were more than 60 outbreaks over 18 provinces since the first one in August. According to national statistics, annually, in China, the number of pigs slaughtered is about 700 million, and that number is Sichuan is 66 million. This is also the area with the highest pig consumption in China currently. Statistically, an average person consumes about 36 kilograms of pigs per year. The discovery of ASF outbreak in Sichuan was within 3 months of Lunar New year, the time when the consumption of pigs soars in the country.

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