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Team building activities of GreenFeed Hung Yen Factory

Ngày 05/09/2017

During three days (from July 09 to July 11, 2017), management board of the factory held a team building program: Good To Great for the entire factory employees in Ha Long – Quang Ninh. This is an annual activity for employees of the whole GreenFeed Group. Through activities in the program, particularly beach games such as “Nâng bước đồng đội – Raise the team” and “Bước chân gắn kết – Connecting steps”, the members of GreenFeed Hung Yen Factory had interesting experiences which would become unforgettable memories for all members. In order to win, each member of all teams had to remain attached to one another to overcome difficulties, aimed at achieving the goals. However, the highlight of the outdoor activities is the women’s football match between the two teams named Heo Con (Piglet) and Ga Con (Chick). After the drastic match which was very difficult to define the winner, two teams had to step into the penalty shootout to choose the champion. Finally, the Heo Con team won the championship. Closing the series of interesting activities of the Team Building program with the message “Good To Great”, each member of GreenFeed Hung Yen factory were in the spirit of enthusiasm and became more united. In addition, the team building tour was a great summer vacation, helping employees regain their spirits and be ready to conquer their next destination. As the message that Mr. Dao Le Vu, Deputy General Director of Northern Red River area shared at the gala, “market boosting, and cost savings – margin improvement” aimed at completing the common goal of GreenFeed Hung Yen to contribute significantly to the overall goal of GreenFeed Group. Here are some photos of the GreenFeed Hung Yen factory team building activities in Ha Long – Quang Ninh.

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