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“Helping the farmers to keep their children to go to school”: Cannot let their lives be submerged in poverty anymore!

Ngày 09/11/2018

For almost a decade of cooperating with farmers, the program “Helping the farmers to keep their children to go to school” is the most recognizable token of humanity of GreenFeed. It is the representation for the company’s aspiration to help farmers achieve a better financial situation so their children can have no financial difficulty in their study.

Anywhere in the countryside, not only does poverty keep the farmers on a tight leach, it also limits their potential of thriving. Since 2010, the program “Helping the farmers to keep their children to go to school” has been organized 34 times, 1,960 households have been given financial aides, and 2,946 scholarships have been distributed all over 15 provinces from the South to the North and the estimated budget has reached 50 billion Vietnam dongs as of now.

In places where the program has taken place, Dak Nong is the province that has a fair number of poor households, the living standards and quality of the people is much lower than that of other provinces. According to the program’s statistics, the percentage of households becoming financially thriving in 2 previous phases were 70%. This means that farmers in Dak Nong has properly made use of the donations and they have also shown their determination in their work.

In June 2018, the program returned for the third time to 3 communes: Truc Son, Cu Knia and Dak Drong and gave donations to 20 households. Each household received 20 million Vietnam dongs, feed vouchers that were worth 3 million dongs and training in pig and poultry breeding techniques from the company in order to have a more sustained income. Additionally, children from households participating in the program also received scholarships worth from 500,000 – 3,000,000 dongs if they had achieved good academic results.

After 3 months, the Organizing Committee was really happy to record that 95% (19 out of 20 households) have properly spent the funds in cattle and poultry and made profits after selling the first batch. Currently, the households have taken in another batch without any worries, with a larger scale to serve the consumption market at the end of the year.

One typical example is Mr. Hoang Van Thai’s household. With four people to feed on top of having nephrolithiasis and gastritis, he could not make ends meet. His wife took on many jobs around the area. With an average income of 1 million dongs, she had to pay for the expenses in the family; her husband’s medication and her two children’s needs. After receiving the 20-million fund from the program, they took in 8 commercial pigs and a cow. “I make a profit of about 10 million dongs after I sold the herd and have subtracted all the costs. My family can make profits now!” Mr. Thai joyfully informed.

Mr. Hoang Van Thai and his growing pig herd, his family’s most precious possession currently

Another household is Mr. Vi Van Chap’s. Before, he was the main source of income in the family. However, due to constant hard work and not enough time to take care of his health, gradually, he developed osteoarthritis and lost his ability to work. With the average income of 1.5 million and 6 people to feed, his family is always in a tough situation. With the funded money, his family took in 11 commercial pigs. The pig’s price is good at the moment; therefore, his family made a profit of 13 million dongs after sale. Excited with the success from the first herd, he took in another 12 commercial pigs, preparing for the high season at the end of the year.

Mr. Vi Van Chap hopes his pig herd would bring him a big profit at the end of the year

GreenFeed is so glad that more and more families are turning the situation around, escaping poverty and having their children be more interested in studying and strive for their dreams.

“Helping the farmers to keep their children to go to school” is a community program symbolizing the dedication of GreenFeed and donators who supports the program. The program does not only bring about material values for farmers, but also highly appreciates humanity and it is a representation of social responsibility of the business for the community.

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