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GreenFeed hosted the “Khai xuan” events to welcome the year of the Pig Zodiac 2019

Ngày 27/02/2019

In the morning of February 11th (The seventh day of the first lunar month), all of GreenFeed’s branches and factories from the North to the South simultaneously organized many “Khai xuan” activities in the hope of a new successful ahead.

In the joy of the 1st day back at work, the representatives of the Executive Boards at branches hosted the “Khai Xuan” parties, gathering all the staff members, and also sent the best wishes to their families. This year, apart from the lucky red envelop from the Executive Boards, everyone also received special gifts “filled with the whiff of the Central Highlands” from the GOF Value-Added Department, including essential oil and fragrance sachets. All of them are hand-made from completely organic lemongrass in Cu Knia, Cu Jut, Dac Nong.

Gift from GOF

Many thanks to GreenFeed’s Executive Board, who brought the energy and motivation upon every member to fulfill the goals in 2019.

May the Company and Customers always be close partners on the way to achieving successes.

Images of “Khai xuan” events of all of GreenFeed’s branches throughout the country:

GreenFeed Ha Nam

GreenFeed Hung Yen

GreenFeed Dong Nai

GreenFeed Long An

GreenFeed Vinh Long

Ho Chi Minh Office

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