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GreenFeed Đồng Nai’s Team Building: Set your soul on fire in the coastal city

Ngày 07/12/2018

“Youthful, enthusiastic and vigorous” were how 250 members of the GreenFeed family felt after the 2018 team building trip took place in Vung Tau on November 9th and 10th.

Unlike other branches, GreenFeed Dong Nai organized the team building activity when the year is ending. But with the careful preparation and creativity the staff shown in the promotion activities for WYN at Bien Hoa’s busy places: Tan Hiep Big C – Tan Hiep Market, Bien Hoa Market, PEGASUS Plaza, Dong Nai’s University, Bien Hoa Vincome, a part of Vo Thi Sau Street, GreenFeed Dong Nai left remarkable and professional impression of WYN brand in the heart of people from Bien Hoa, Dong Nai.

Team WYN in front of Dong Nai’s University

WYN – spreading the spirit and coating a corner of the city in yellow

After half a day of promoting, more than 300 customers knew about WYN and GreenFeed’s closed food chain

More than 30 videos interviewing the consumers and media about the cool meat products

Team building activity on the beach

Soccer Tournament between teams

The games had really interesting names: team strength, quick delivery, spread the market, rapid steps, etc.

The unrestrained smiles and laughers that relieved the burden and stress of a year’s worth of work

Mr. Dam Quang Loc – Deputy Executive Director in the SEA region made the opening speech at the Gala Dinner 2018

The boisterous scene of the night gala

The result of the promotion activity of WYN brand and team building, the first prize belonged to Team 4 – The Trotters

Team 1 – bacon won the 2nd prize and Team Cutlets won the 3rd prize

Through the activity, GreenFeed hoped that every member of GreenFeed would be more solidary, attached and could overcome any obstacles together to achieve greater goals. GreenFeed also expects WYN to soon become a close companion of many families, providing them with clean meals, nutrition and health protection.

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