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GreenFeed Binh Dinh held teambuilding activities for employees of factory

Ngày 18/09/2017

During 2 days of August 19 – 20, 2017, GreenFeed Binh Dinh held teambuilding activities for all employees in Qui Nhon City. Not choosing far locations as other years, for the teambuilding activities of 2017, GreenFeed Binh Dinh Factory has selected Qui Nhon City as a place for all employees of factory to rest and relax after a year of work. Through team building games on the beach and volleyball matches, 8 teams (HiTek; GF24; GF337; MediTek; HiGain; GF280; GF399; GreenFeed) have played at their best to bring the joyful atmosphere for the program and good scores for their teams as well.   At the end of the team building activities, five consolation prizes were awarded to HiTek; GF24; GF337; MediTek; HiGain; one third prize was awarded to GF280; one second prize was awarded to GF399 and the first prize was awarded to GreenFeed. The GF399 team also won the style prize. Besides the team building games, the program also organized the visits to famous places of Binh Dinh, such as Quang Trung Museum; Banh It Tower; Thien Hung Pagoda, etc. The very meaningful activity that has been implemented by the Factory Management Board and all employees of GreenFeed is the charity program “For poor patients in Binh Dinh” and the scholarship of “the Chasing Dream” Fund for employees’ children at Gala Dinner. Here are some photos of the Binh Dinh teambuilding program:  

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