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Dak Lak: Husbandry makes lives better

Ngày 27/02/2019

More than 50 years dedicated to cultivating, Sinh My and his wife (Ealai, MDrak, Dak Lak) could not see their financial status improve, some yields even had such poor performances that their profit was next to nothing. Through exchanging conversations with friends, they found out that many people improved their living by breeding pigs. So, My and his wife did some researching, thought about it for months and decided to switch their livelihood.

Upon visiting a successful breeding model of GreenFeed’s customer, right when the pig was about to exit the farm, Sinh My and his wife had an opportunity to take a look at the ruddy, well-bred herd and listen to information on POP Index, breeding procedure from piglet stage to maturity and how to achieve a high performance and economic efficiency from Nhan – the farm owner.

Also present at the tour was Mr. Duyen, a pig merchant in the province, “I know almost every farm owner who breeds pigs from GreenFeed in the area”, he said. Duyen usually chooses to buy pigs from these farms because of their uniform quality and the fact that they are favored by the market. His selling price is always higher than the average price in the market. In M’Drak, GreenFeed’s weaned piglets also sell pretty well. Monthly, the average number of breeds coming into the area is 1,400, serving the increasing demands of the local people. “I encouraged my relatives to invest in husbandry and I’m gonna be a customer of the farm”, Duyen said.

When he was first introduced with the GreenFeed’s 5-focus solutions, he felt very pleased as the associative values of the solutions could truly meet his expectation. But he was hesitant and indecisive at first as the investment money for a 5-star farm was fairly high, and knowledge in husbandry was also required while he and his family did not have any knowledge in concentrated breeding farm.

5-focus solutions bring benefits to breeders

But after hearing the sincere information sharing from the farm owner and the merchant, Sinh’s worries were erased. That was a combination of many factors: the satisfaction of the breeders and the strong belief of GreenFeed staff towards the benefits the solutions bring to the breeders. He finally agreed to cooperate with the company.

Sinh My’s farm with the investment of 400 million Dongs

3 months was the time period from when Mr. Sinh knew about GreenFeed’s 5 – focus solutions until he agreed to cooperate with the company

Ever since the farm come into operation, Mr. Sinh and his family have really been much more relieved as the company’s technical team usually comes by to check on their farm, consult on their management and taking care of the herd’s health. That is why for them, husbandry is now a joy, a passion, the possession they cherish very much and improve day by day.

Sanitizing, whitewashing and preparing the pens before taking in the pigs, aided by GreenFeed’s technical team

Dcember 16th 2018, the farm took in 300 weaned piglets

Monthly, Sinh My’s farm uses 15 tons of GreenFeed’s feed

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