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Corporate Excellence and Outstanding awarded to GreenFeed Vietnam

Ngày 11/12/2018

In order to appreciate and honor, following the standard applied throughout the Asia Pacific region, the endeavors of enterprises and entrepreneurs that have made outstanding business achievements in Vietnam, on 28th of November 2018, the leading non-governmental organization in production business – Enterprise Asia hosted the award ceremony Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2018 (APEA 2018) at Sofitel Plaza Saigon.  This year, GreenFeed Vietnam was nominated and was awarded at two categories, Corporate Excellence Category and Outstanding Category.

Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2018 is a prestigious award ceremony in Asia, started by Enterprise Asia in 2007. This award, for GreenFeed in particular and for Vietnam’s business enterprises that received it in general, is a foundation for the public and the government to recognize the excellent achievements that the businesses have made. It also contributes to their constant innovation, good business practice and sustainable development. All the enterprises and the entrepreneurs winning the award have high standards in business spirit. This is also an essential standard that Enterprise Asia aims for, particularly the “investment in people” and “sustainable business”.

GreenFeed’s representative for Corporate Excellence 2018 was Mr. Ly Anh Duy Quang – member of the Board of Directors. “This is an invaluable award, not just for me, but also for each and every member of GreenFeed. The award today is the recognition for the efforts that we have made for the clean food industry for the consumption market”.

APEA 2018 is not only an appreciation of GreenFeed’s business ability, but also an opportunity to connect and expand our market throughout Asia


Mr. Ly Anh Duy Quang – GreenFeed’s representative for Corporate Excellence 2018


At this event, Mr. Ly Anh Duy Quang – member of the Board of Directors, GreenFeed Vietnam Corporation, is one of the six entrepreneurs who received the title of Outstanding in APEA 2018. This is the second consecutive year Mr. Duy Quang has won this award and it is also the fourth Asia Cup that he has achieved in his business endeavor.

Outstanding and excellent enterprises and entrepreneurs who won the 2018 awards

This year, in Vietnam, 80 entrepreneurs and business enterprises from 24 industries were nominated and took part in the evaluation process of the award. The event attracted 200 guests, including outstanding entrepreneurs and enterprises, as well as representatives of the authorities, diplomatic offices and the Press.

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