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Gilts GF24

  • Number of newborn pigs selected for raising/sow/year: 28-32
  • Bring genetics against E. coli to piglets
  • Stable productivity from first parity

GF337 – Optimize growth and feed intake

  • Highlights in Average daily gain (ADG) and Feed conversion rate (FCR)
  • Lead in brings profitable effect for producers
  • Optimize time and weight of market hog which helps speeding up capital turnover and increasing number of market hog turnover per year
  • Suitable for large breeding farms with standard sow in Dong Nai and other provinces in the Southeast

GF399 – Increase the resistance and high value portion

  • Highlights are the high rate of portion and high resistance
  • Rapid growth (high ADG)
  • Good feeding conversion (low FCR)
  • High lean rate
  • Most suitable for breeding conditions in Vietnam

GF280 – Improve color and quality of lean

  • Meet the general needs for producers
  • Fast and long-term weight gain
  • Good feed conversion (low FCR).
  • High lean rate, good meat quality
  • Serve effectively for lean quality improvement program, creating fat marbling in muscle


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