GreenFeed Viet Nam is a manufacturer in feed production and breeding supplier. Founded in 2003 , after 10 years, with a total investment of over $ 145 million , GreenFeed Vietnam has 5 factories in Long An, Dong Nai, Binh Dinh, Hung Yen and Cambodia. Image and position of GreenFeed today has been built by a team of people with good skills, knowledge, experience and creativity, ready for general company purposes. Human resource is one of the most precious assets, is crucial to the success and development of GreenFeed.

Currently the human resource are very scarce, especially senior human resources. There is no concept of the employee begging for jobs, that are looking for jobs. Employees today are very considered carefully, hesitated to choose the right business to sticking and professional development. Depending on conditions, personal circumstances will be selected each work commensurate with what they expect. Overall, employees will focus on the following factors when choosing where career development: treatment policies, work, work environment, training opportunities & advancement.

GreenFeed understand that companies can be successful only when employees achieve their goals, we always creating the best conditions to satisfy the needs of employees .

Work environment