GreenFeed Binh Dinh practiced firefighting rehearsal in 2017

Monday, 28/08/2017, 11:39 GMT+7

     On the morning of August 25, 2017, GreenFeed Binh Dinh has cooperated with Binh Dinh Firefighting Police to successfully organize the rehearsal for evacuation, rescue and firefighting at the material warehouse area. 

     This is an annual activity aimed at raising the spirit of vigilance and the consciousness for compliance with the company's rules and regulations, not letting the fire or explosion occur; protecting well the properties, life and health of employees in the event of fire or explosion incident and at the same time improving the professionalism of firefighting team of GreenFeed Binh Dinh. This activity has the important meaning in helping people to master the skills, procedures in cooperation and deployment of firefighting, knowing how to use well the firefighting equipment as well as rescue and escape capabilities in the event of fire or explosion incident.

Professional firefighters come to the site      

     Firefighting rehearsal assumed that a fire occurred at the warehouse area while employees were working normally at the factory. As soon as there was a fire warning, the officers have carried out firefighting, rescue, rescue and escape in accordance with the process set out in the rehearsal scenario.


Rescuing, bringing victims of the incident out of the site

Deploying forces to stamp out the fire


Meeting after the end of the rehearsal       

     Firefighting is one of the most important tasks in protecting human life and health as well as properties, contributing to ensure social security and safety. This rehearsal is also a chance to improve the effective coordination between the firefighting team of GreenFeed Binh Dinh and Binh Dinh Firefighting Police.