Getting started with GreenFeed

Thursday, 11/05/2017, 10:21 GMT+7

     On 7th May 2017, at Dong Nai Conference and Events Center, along with more than 20 companies and units in Vietnam, GreenFeed brought to the program “Dong Nai start-up festival 2017” many practical activities such as recruitment, trial interview and a seminar called “Journey to success”.

     During the program, Green Feed’s recruitment booth was always busy. The joyful and memorable photos had been taken during the dancing performance. In addition, the students visiting GreenFeed also received gifts when participating in company’s game shows.

Mr. Dam Quang Loc – Deputy Director of Southeast region

A large majority of students took part in mini games of GreenFeed’s booth

     By exchanging career orientation, the students had a chance to discuss with the leaders of GreenFeed about the experience and how to succeed on the career path. This was a preparation for them to look for an ideal working environment that suits their abilities and passion before graduating.     

     Mr. Tran Ngoc Chi - Deputy Chairman of GreenFeed Vietnam shared with over 300 students from universities and high schools in Dong Nai about the concept of success and the seven habits of successful people. He said, "I read this book for the first time as a sophomore in university. During the past time, I often read over and over again, and the more I read, the more new ideas appear. The new things here are not in the book but in the way that you have experienced, explored and used them to be successful”.

Mr. Tran Ngoc Chi was presenting seven habits of successful people     

     When practicing the first habit, nearly 20 students bravely went to the stage to share their thoughts about the program. Vo Van Manh Em (third year student of Lac Hong University) said: “I am feeling lucky to be participating in today’s seminar. What I enjoy most are seven habits of success. They are not the theory, but the experience of real successful people”. On the other hand, Linh and her friend, Nga (Vietnam National University of Forestry) had different opinion: “What I like most are the habits of listening and understanding which help me to realize that I still have many shortcomings. From now on, I will learn how to put myself into others’ position and listen more”.

 Giving books was one of many activities in this program

Vo Van Manh Em (third year student of Lac Hong University) received books from Mr. Tran Ngoc Chi

Mr. Tran Ngoc Chi gave books to Nguyen Thi Kim Huong (Dong Nai Economics and Technology College) as a present

Mr. Tran Ngoc Chi gave books to Nguyen Kieu Bao Nghi (students of Le Quy Don High School) as a present     

     In this program, GreenFeed also offered the opportunity to work in the company with a variety of attractive recruitment positions such as marketing, accounting, maintenance, commercial technical consultancy,…

     This festival is an opportunity to connect students with GreenFeed. Through the activities in this program, they will understand more about the strengths, vision and strategy of one of the largest animal feed corporation in Vietnam.